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Dry Skin is a Characteristic of Diabetes

Everyday Skincare

With poor control of Diabetes, the skin becomes dehydrated, dry, and chapped. This lowers the skin's ability to serve as a barrier against unwelcome bacteria and the loss of body water.

Quick Tips

  • Don’t take too many baths, especially in the cold weather.
  • Don’t wash too often with soap.
  • Don’t use disinfectants or solvents.

To Add Moisture to Your Skin and Protect It:

  • Wear gloves, scarves, and warm socks or stockings when you are out in the cold weather.
  • Soak your body in warm water for several minutes to moisturize skin.  Pat off excess water, then apply a greasy ointment like petroleum jelly or a good dry skin lotion.
  • Try super-fatted soaps.
  • If you use bath oil, soak yourself first and then use bath oil so the skin absorbs the moisture first.