Make Active and Fun choices Everyday to Keep Moving

Keeping Active at Home & at Work:

The calorie heavyweights!

Start living the active life!

Here are some simple tips to keep moving while at home, at work, and everywhere inbetween:

At Work

  • Instead of sending emails or buzzing coworkers over the phone, get up and stop by their desks for discussions.  
  • Take the stairs instead of elevator or escalator.  Five (5) minutes of stair climbing burns 144 calories.
  • Walk the long way to get lunch, and walk back the long way.
  • Take energy breaks in the office.  Getting up and walking around your office for a few minutes will not only burn calories, but will also increase focus and alertness.
  • Get up and clear your desk, dust your desk, or put files away.

At home

  • Cook and chop vegetables by hand.
  • Cook and clean your kitchen at the same time.
  • Do your dishes by hand.
  • Scrub and mop your floors more often.
  • Rake your leaves instead of using a leaf blower.
  • Wash your car by hand.
  • Plant new flowers or vegetables in your garden.
  • Play with the kids.
  • See exercise as a new social event.  Start including family and friends.
  • Go bowling instead of going for ice cream.