No gym? No sweat!

Here are some easy ways to add exercise to your day without going to the gym!

  • Take the far-away spot. Walking from the furthest corner of the parking lot will burn a few calories. If it is parking garage, head to the roof and take the stairs.
  • Get into the swing of it. Swinging your arms when you walk will help you reach the brisk pace of 3 to 4 miles per hour that is the most healthy.
  • Be part of the fun. Adults should not miss a chance to jump into the fray if kids are playing on a playground or splashing around in the water. Playing along will strengthen muscles and bones and set a good example.
  • Clean your house. Even if you have a cleaning service, you can take responsibility for vacuuming a couple of rooms yourself. Fifteen minutes burns around 80 calories.
  • Adopt someone as your walking, jogging, or biking buddy.
  • Adding a social element to exercise helps many people stick with it.
  • Pick up a buddy with four legs. Several studies have shown that dog owners get more exercise than the canine-less.
  • Be a stair master.  Taking the stairs is good for your legs, knees, and cardiovascular system.  Don’t overdo it, just take one-step at a time.