Save The Pearly Whites

Take Charge of Your Dental Health

Sleep and Diabetes.

High blood sugar takes a toll on your entire body, including your gums and teeth. Fortunately, prevention is in your hands. Learn what you are up against, and take charge.

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, managing your blood sugar levels is key.

Key Facts

The Higher Your Blood Sugar Level, The Greater Your Risk for:

  • Tooth Decay - Cavities.
  • Early Gum Disease - Gingivitis.
  • Advanced Gum Disease - Periodontitis.

Key Facts

FirstMake a commitment to manage blood sugar levels seriously.

SecondBrush and floss at least twice a day.

ThirdSee your dentist regularly, and make sure he/she knows you have diabetes.

FourthLook for early signs of decay or degeneration.

FifthDon’t smoke.