Too Sweet or not too Sweet?

Have your cake and eat it too..

Testing is not just for people with diabetes..

It was once assumed that honey; candy and other sweets would raise your blood sugar level faster and higher than fruits, vegetables or foods containing complex carbohydrates. But many studies have shown that this isn’t true as long as sweets are eaten with a meal and balance with other foods in your meal plan.

Although different types of sweets can affect your blood sugar level differently, it’s the total amount of carbohydrates that count the most.

Of course it’s still best to consider sweets only as a small part of your overall diet. Candy, cookies and other sweets have little nutritional value and are often high in fat and calories.

Sweets count as crabs in your meal plan. The trick is to subtract small portions of sweets for other carbs such as bread, tortillas, rice, crackers, cereal, fruit, milk or yogurt in your meals. To allow sweets to be a part of your meal, you have two options:

  • Replace some of the carbs in your meal with a sweet.
  • Swap a carb containing food in your meal with something with fewer carbs.