Your Vision and Diabetes

Diabetes is the Leading Cause for Blindness

Sleep and Diabetes.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Research shows that with proper control of Diabetes, especially in the first five years, the chance for developing any serious vision complications is significantly reduced.  Keeping your sugar levels within healthy ranges is a critical preventative measure.

People who eat healthy, exercise frequently, and use prescribed oral agents are less likely to develop vision complications than those treated with insulin alone. 

While those diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes are less likely to develop difficulties than those with Type 1, it is still important to proceed with caution.  Other eye complications those living with Diabetes are at risk for include glaucoma and cataracts. 

Quick Tips

All of these potential difficulties provide an excellent reason to keep blood sugar levels in check by:

FirstMaking intelligent food choices.

FirstExercising routinely.

FirstRegularly checking and tracking blood sugar levels.  

FirstDrinking enough water.  

FirstGetting enough sleep.  

Save your eyes that show you the world.