There Is No Diabetes Diet

Having diabetes does not mean that you have to start some special diet. For most people, especially those who are Type 2

Shake the Salt

People who have diabetes should limit their sodium intake to 1500 mg per day

Eat Them!

Research shows that women who eat least one apple a day are 28 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes

Eat More

Rich in phytochemicals, fiber helps maintain healthy digestive system and cholesterol levels, protects against many illnesses

Eat Less...

Curb Your Intake Of These High-Sodium Foods

Do Not Eat Them!

Avoid simple carbs and sugars. They raise blood sugar level much

What to Choose?

Avoid sugars or stick to natural sugars rather than added sugars. Stick to whole grains- complex carbs rather than simple carbs Complex carbs such as: whole grain bread, whole grain cereal ...

Watch Serving Sizes

A serving isn’t the amount you choose to eat or the amount that’s put on your plate. That is called a portion.

watch out for sugar-traps!

Foods you may have never suspected of containing inordinate amounts of sugar, and can throw your blood sugar level for a real loop.

Too Sweet or Not Too Sweet?

It was once assumed that honey; candy and other sweets would raise your blood sugar level faster and higher than fruits, vegetables or foods containing complex carbohydrates.