Your Vision and Diabetes

Research shows that with good diabetic control, especially in the first five years

The Importance of Testing

In a recent study, researchers were trying to find answers as to why some diabetics had better control over their glucose levels than others

Sex and Diabetes

About half of the Men living with Diabetes, above the age of 55 who suffer from neuropathy and probably do not maintain very good control are suffering from sexual dysfunction

Save The Pearly Whites

High blood sugar takes a toll on your entire body including your gums and teeth. Prevention is in your hands

Save the Kidneys

The kidneys are intricate filters, eliminating waste products and excess water from the blood while holding on to certain vital proteins

How to handle

Sweating, Shakiness, Visual disturbances, Nervousness, Headache, Weakness, Hunger, Dizziness, Irritability, Nausea, Cold, clammy skin ...

Kick the Habit

Smoking affects not only the coronary blood vessels but also the smaller vessels in the legs and feet

Everyday Skincare

ith poor control of diabetes the skin becomes dehydrated, very dry and chapped. You are not only inviting bacteria

Do Not Drink Them

Hard Liquors like Whiskey, Bourbon, Irish Rye, Scotch, Gin, Vodka, Sake, Tequila and Rum

Don't Delay Happiness

Let’s reverse the thought process: become more realistic and stay commited to whatever you are trying to achieve