stock your pantry

Have you watched the show iron chef? we all think the competition is about the main ingredient. Well! it is not , the contestants come up with different dishes depending ...

Nobody Is Perfect

Do not stress yourself to death – As long as you get back in control you should be fine

Mealtime Habits

Get in the habit of eating meals at the kitchen table or dining room. Mealtime should be a time to relax and not to be rushed

make active and fun choices everyday to keep moving

Instead of sending emails or buzzing coworkers over the phone, get up and stop by their desks to ask questions, or to figure out a solution

Get-off Your Meds

Regular testing will show you, how changes in your food choices, exercise level, stress, and sleep alter your blood sugar and will help your doctor decide whether you can reduce medication dosages

Diabetic Friendly Shoes

While prescribing diabetic shoes, medicare and Medicaid have the following requirements; all insurance providers follow these guidelines. In order for Insurance to pay for the patient’s diabetic shoes and inserts

A Family Affair

Make health, the number-one priority in life. If you don’t have your health, gone are happiness and wealth.