What is Happiness?

Happiness could be something that puts a smile on your face, eating your favorite food, a bar of chocolate.

Watch Serving Sizes

A serving isn’t the amount you choose to eat or the amount that’s put on your plate. That is called a portion.

watch out for sugar-traps!

Foods you may have never suspected of containing inordinate amounts of sugar, and can throw your blood sugar level for a real loop.

Too Sweet or Not Too Sweet?

It was once assumed that honey; candy and other sweets would raise your blood sugar level faster and higher than fruits, vegetables or foods containing complex carbohydrates.

take the right steps towards foot care

Inspect your feet every day, and seek care early if you do get a foot injury. Make sure your health care provider checks your feet at least every six months

Sugar-Sipping Sexy Muscles

Invest just a little bit of time in building up your muscles. Remember, using your muscles forces your muscle cells to soak up more glucose.

stock your pantry

Have you watched the show iron chef? we all think the competition is about the main ingredient. Well! it is not , the contestants come up with different dishes depending ...


Snacking between meals is ok as long as you are nibbling on something healthy. Remember you can eat unlimited amounts ...

sleep & diabetes

Sleeping atleast 8 hours a day, has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. A few tips to promote healthy sleep:

rest and renew

Adequate rest improves alertness, productivity, memory and mood. Short term rest supports the sleep cycle and is ideal for those with jetlag