Overweight and Diabetes

One of the simplest steps you can take to shed pounds: Cut around 250 to 500 calories from your daily diet. Swap a fast food burger and coke for a turkey sandwich and sparkling water

No Gym? No Sweat!

Easy ways to add exercise to your day – without going to the gym. Be part of the fun. Adults should not miss a chance to jump into the fray if kids are playing on a playground

Nobody Is Perfect

Do not stress yourself to death – As long as you get back in control you should be fine

mood & music

Specific musical beats, from classic selections such as Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart, Yani to dance rhythms, easy listening

Mood Management

When you are stressed your body produces the hormone called cortisol, in large amounts. Cortisol is not our friend

Mealtime Habits

Get in the habit of eating meals at the kitchen table or dining room. Mealtime should be a time to relax and not to be rushed

make active and fun choices everyday to keep moving

Instead of sending emails or buzzing coworkers over the phone, get up and stop by their desks to ask questions, or to figure out a solution

limit your fat consumption

Buy lean-cut meat, trim off excess fat – and eat smaller portions. Remove skin from poultry before cooking

high glycemic and low glycemic

Low glycemic index-rate foods are based on how high they raise blood sugar within two hours after they are consumed. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains

the healthy diabetic lifestyle!

Yes it is obvious that you should eat less but sugar is just one piece of the puzzle for someone with diabetes, only one ingredient in the whole nutritional pie