Get-off Your Meds

Regular testing will show you, how changes in your food choices, exercise level, stress, and sleep alter your blood sugar and will help your doctor decide whether you can reduce medication dosages

Fats - the Good & the Bad

As you read labels, look for products that contain monosaturated fats with little or no saturated & trans fats. Remember that all fats are high in calories

fats - the calorie heavyweights!

Fats are the most concentrated source of food energy, providing lots of calories but little nutrition.

Eat to Beat

Here are some simple meal planning suggestions:

Diabetic Friendly Shoes

While prescribing diabetic shoes, medicare and Medicaid have the following requirements; all insurance providers follow these guidelines. In order for Insurance to pay for the patient’s diabetic shoes and inserts

A Family Affair

Make health, the number-one priority in life. If you don’t have your health, gone are happiness and wealth.


Most people with diabetes think eating breakfast will lead to higher blood sugar levels, or increase blood sugar levels that may already be high.

Diabetes & Drinking

Many people with diabetes wonder if it’s ok to drink alcohol. Best advise is to consult your doctor about appropriate alcohol intake for your specific situation.

At the end of the day..

Sleep deprivation triggers insulin resistance. It also causes many other key hormones go haywire- For instance, hormones that turn down your appetite plummet. At the same time other hormones that make you hungry especially for carbohydrates shift into high gear ...

Living With Diabetes

Living with diabetes means a constant balancing act between the food you eat and the insulin you produce yourself or take by injection, along with the exercise you get. Insulin provides the mechanism for burning the food for energy to run your complex body. Exercise lowers your blood sugar level. If you eat more food, you will need more insulin and more exercise. If you eat less food, you will need less exercise and insulin. That’s simple.