Personal Success Tool (PST) Modules

Congratulations on taking the first step! You're on your way to a healthier you just by deciding to take part in your CDC-recognized diabetes prevention lifestyle change program. I am ready!
Walk. Run. Bike. Dance. It's time to get active! Are you active already? Are you starting out for the first time? Whatever form of physical activity you choose, remember that it’s OK to start small. Let's get moving!
Every minute matters. Tracking your physical activity is the best way to be sure you hit your 150-minute goal each week. It helps you remember. It keeps you accountable. Let's find out!
Eat well, live well. Eating well is a crucial component to creating a healthier you. Each healthy choice you make brings you one step closer to your goal. Let's go!
Get on the right track. This week, you learned how tracking your food can help you lose weight. Remember, the better you track what and how much you eat. Ready.Set.Go!
Get Support. Make Lasting Changes. To make sure small steps become true lifestyle changes, you need to build a strong support network. Can you count on friends? Start
Stay motivated to make a lasting change. You've come a long way in the first 16 weeks of this program. The next six months are just as important. Start
Make your healthy habits last a lifetime. Have you met your weight loss goal? Congratulations! Are you still working toward your goal weight? That's OK! No matter where you are on your journey. Start